Verdicts & Settlements

$10.25 million verdict for brain-damaged infant.


$3.4 million settlement for 72-year-old paraplegic.


$2.2 million settlement for brain-damaged infant.


$1.6 million settlement for injured construction worker.


$2.7 million verdict for a nurse who sustained nerve injury during a biopsy.


$1.4 million settlement for motor vehicle operator who sustained a back injury.


$950,000 settlement for a woman who sustained the amputation of three toes.


$1.5 million settlement for below knee amputation in an elderly patient.


$1.6 million settlement for 60 year old man who slipped on a wet floor and sustained a serious back injury. 


$2.7 Million Settlement – Car Crash Injury

The client was involved in a car crash which resulted in a stroke and partial paralysis. I was able to negotiate a pretrial settlement where the defendants’ insurer agreed to pay $2.7 million.


$2.5 Million Settlement – Construction Injury

The plaintiff, a construction worker, was severely injured and required multiple surgeries when a cement traffic barrier was dropped on his foot during a road construction project.


$2.25 Million Settlement – Construction Accident

A construction worker was directed up onto a crane to connect a jib and during which the crane operator moved the crane causing the plaintiff to fall 14 feet. The plaintiff suffered a calcaneus heel fracture which caused permanent disability.


$2,020,000.00 Jury Verdict. Union Electrician injured while repairing traffic signal.

$2,020,000 jury verdict for pain and suffering, loss of earnings and medical expenses for a union electrician who sustained severe injuries to his\shoulders, cervical and lumbar spine when his work truck was hit by another truck and fled the scene, as he was repairing a traffic signal. Defendant’s denied that that they were involved in the accident and claimed that the client’s injuries were not caused by the incident.


$1.3 Million Settlement – Medical Malpractice – Orthopedic Malpractice

The plaintiff, a dentist, fell on the stairs of his home, his elbow which required surgery. His treating orthopedic surgeon failed to perform the proper surgery to treat the fracture causing the plaintiff to suffer with restricted range of motion which severely impacted his dental practice.


$1.2 Million Settlement – Slip & Fall

The plaintiff, a highly compensated sales representative, was caused to slip and fall and sustain a concussion and a continuing post-concussion syndrome due to negligent mopping of the floor in her workplace. I was able to settle the case during jury selection in for $1.2 million.


1.2 Million Settlement- Motor Vehicle- Pedestrian

The plaintiff was struck by a commercial coffee van, at an intersection on Long Island, sustaining multiple injuries to her left leg, arm, face and neck. The plaintiff claimed that the light was green for her to cross the intersection. The driver of the van claimed that his light was green to proceed into the intersection.

This matter was settled prior to jury selection.


$1.25 Million Verdict – Injuries in auto accident- Verdict Search’s Top Verdicts of 2009 Publication
In this case, my client sustained multiple severe and permanent injuries in a motor vehicle accident, when the driver of the other vehicle made a left turn in front of his vehicle.


$1,000,000 Settlement – Woman struck by car, suffered injury of skull, brain

The plaintiff was struck by a car in the crosswalk of an intersection in New York City as she attempted to cross a street, suffering a fracture to her skull.


$750,000.00 Award – Medical Malpractice – Plastic Surgery 
Supreme Court Queens County. $750,000 Award for disfiguring injuries due to improperly performed plastic surgery.


$615,000.00 Settlement – Medical Malpractice- Failure to Remove a Surgical Sponge during Cesarean Section.

The plaintiff, suffered a severe abdominal injury requiring surgery due to an infection that was caused by the doctor and hospital staff failing to remove a laparotomy pad prior to completing a Cesarean section for the birth of her child the year before.


$800,000 Settlement – Bus Crash Injury

The plaintiff was involved in a motor vehicle accident when the operator of a municipal bus made a left turn in front of his vehicle. My client sustained multiple cervical herniations which required fusion surgery.


$750,000.00 Award – Medical Malpractice – Plastic Surgery 
Supreme Court Queens County. $750,000 Award for disfiguring injuries due to improperly performed plastic surgery.


$695,000 Settlement – Supreme Court Nassau County – Motor Vehicle Accident, Fractured Femur

My client sustained a fractured femur, requiring surgical repair after being struck by the defendant’s left turning vehicle. The defendant claimed she had a green left turn arrow and that my client, who was driving a Porsche, was speeding. I was able to disprove the defendant’s version of the accident by doing a thorough investigation and retaining an accident reconstruction expert.


$600,000 Settlement – Girl Scalded in Bathtub

My client was scaled by hot water in her apartment’s bathtub as she attempted to bathe her younger sister, due to the landlord’s failure to make repairs to hot water faucet in the bathroom. She sustained burn injuries to her arms and torso.


$430,000 Settlement – Mother and Infant Injured in Fall 

My client and her daughter sustained serious injuries after falling on icy walkway of their apartment building complex. Despite the owner of the building disputing liability, I was able to secure a settlement of $130,000 for the infant and $300,000 for the mother at mediation.


$450,000 Settlement – Injury Sustained at a Yoga Studio

In this case, my client suffered a serious knee injury requiring surgery at a yoga studio due to a male student falling on her.


$475,000 Jury Verdict – Medical Malpractice – Conscious pain and suffering
The plaintiff sustained a perforation to her colon during a colonoscopy which required additional hospitalization and surgery  due to the negligence of her physician in failing to consider her pre-surgical history prior to the colonoscopy.


$475,000 Jury Verdict – Medical Malpractice – Conscious pain and suffering

The plaintiff’s OBGYN, negligently perforated my client’s uterus and removed a portion of her small bowel during a hysteroscopy, causing to the plaintiff to be re-admitted to the hospital for additional corrective surgery to treat the surgical injury.


Reported Cases

Mancini v. Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority  150 A.D.3d 979 (App. Div. 2016)

Ballatore v Hub Truck Rental Corp  83 A.D.3d 970 (App. Div. 2011)

Villano v. Strathmore Terrace Homeowners Association Inc.  76 A.D.3d 1061 (App. Div. 2010)

JMP Pizza LLC v. 34th Street Pizza LLC , 960 N.Y.S.2d 318 (N.Y. App. Div. 2013)

Benevides v. 30 Brooklyn LLC 946 NYS 2d 513 (App. Div. 2012)

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