Can I Sue After Being Hit By A Car?

The driver at fault is not cooperating. Your insurance company is barely addressing your concerns. If you were recently in an accident and feel that you have not been given just reparations, you have another option. Tannenbaum, Bellatone & Silver PC is , a personal injury lawyer in Lake Success, is an expert at handling personal injury lawsuits. He will make sure that you will get the compensation you deserve from the accident through either a lawsuit or a settlement. 

Should I Sue or Settle? 

This becomes the defining question of nearly every car accident, and you will most certainly not want to answer it alone. As a reputable personal injury lawyer in Lake Success, Tannenbaum, Bellantone & Silver, P.C. will be able to help determine whether a lawsuit or a settlement would be most suitable for your case. We will examine both the evidence at hand as well as the current situation with the insurance company to find the best way to recover your losses. 

If You Decide to Sue

If we have determined that a lawsuit is the best option after thorough consideration of the case, these will be the next steps: 

Filing the complaint

  • This is also known as filing a petition. We will lay out the claims and legal justifications of your lawsuit, and the driver at fault, as well as the insurance company, will be given a certain amount of time to respond. This process can take up to a month or more. 
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Beginning pre-trial motions

  • Although this does not always happen, the opposing side may file motions to put themselves at an advantage. Some of these motions include asking for a different judge, a different venue, or simply attempting to dismiss the case in its entirety. In response, we will challenge the opposing side’s motions.

Setting a court date.

  • A court date will be set after pre-trial motions are settled.

Starting Mediation

  • A judge may order the two sides to negotiate a deal so that the case will not go to court. In the case that this happens, an impartial mediator will also be present.


  • This is how both sides will gather evidence and share what they have with the other side. As witness information will also be given, there is a chance that you will be interviewed by opposing lawyers, and we will help prepare for this moment. 

As one of the best personal injury lawyers in Lake Success, Tannenbaum, Bellantone & Silver, P.C. will continuously check in with you during this process to make sure that your interests are being fully represented. 

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