Questions To Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer in New Hyde Park, NY


Suffering from a personal injury is stressful and can be costly in almost every aspect of your life. One of them may include hiring an attorney. With so many of them to choose from, it can be challenging to decide on who may be the right fit to represent you in your case. If you are thinking about hiring a personal injury lawyer in New Hyde Park, NY, then look no forward. Our team at Tannenbaum, Bellatone & Silver, P.C.can assist you. We provide sophisticated service-oriented legal expertise to our clients. 

Questions You Should Ask

Seeking and securing recovery damages for your injuries and losses after an accident can be extremely difficult. You need to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer in New Hyde Park, NY, who can best represent you in your settlement negotiations. Never file a personal injury lawsuit before consulting with a personal injury attorney. 

Our personal injury lawyer in New Hyde Park will work very closely with you. It is important that you feel comfortable and can consider him or her as a trusted advisor on your case. If you are looking for an attorney, make sure you interview a minimum of 2 lawyers before deciding, and asking the following questions: 

1.   What is the potential cost and for what services?

Typically, most lawyers incorporate fees that are involved with their services. Which means you don’t pay until you recover money damage in the lawsuit. Once you recover damages, your lawyer will charge a percentage, most charge about a median of 30 percent (30%). 

2.   Have you had a personal injury claim like mine?

Always ask your attorney about their experience results. Do not assume that they handled your case before. Every case is different, so it is also essential to know what kind of cases they specialize in. Slip-and-fall, car accidents, malpractice, defamation, assault, and battery, etc. 

3.   Are there any fees if I lose my case? 

That depends, ask your injury lawyer for any costs outside the contingency fee. 

4.   What is the timeframe that we will be working with?

Let your lawyer know how important it is to get the ball rolling on your case. Some lawyers will take on too many cases and could sit on yours. Make sure you’re made aware of when the case will be filed.  

5.   When is the estimated time that this case will have a resolution?

Ask your attorney when they approximate that you will have a resolution for your case. They should be able to give you a fair estimate of time. 

6.   Will anyone else be involved?  

Many personal lawyers may not work on every aspect of your case. They may have partners or legal assistants that prepare letters or legal documents. Ask your lawyer who you can contact and who you can speak to if you have questions. 

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