Why to never talk to an Insurance Adjuster without a Lawyer

IMG 7572 - Why to never talk to an Insurance Adjuster without a Lawyer -

When a person or their loved one is injured in an accident that is someone else’s fault, it is indeed a traumatic period. The victim and their family is overwhelmed by shock and grief, which is why they are not always steadfast in pointing out the perpetrator’s negligence or misconduct. There are many different types of personal injury cases, thus the statute of limitations vary. The most common personal injury claims are related to auto accidents. 

The victim may have to deal with multiple insurance adjusters, depending on the circumstances. Almost 95% of personal injury claims are settled before a court date, which is why many people believe that hiring a lawyer is not important. What people do not realize is that many compensation claims are outright rejected because the victim did not fully understand the process. Personal Injury Attorney in Forty Fort, PA further elaborates why legal representation is crucial for success:

Insurance providers waste no time

Insurance providers are amongst the first to look into an accident that could possibly lead to personal injury claims. They are the ones responsible to pay for the damages, thus the intervention is not surprising. Contacting the victim is the priority, which is why you can expect them to contact you within 24 hours of the accident. 

Unfortunately, the immediate communication has nothing to do with their concern for your wellbeing. They merely want to strike while the iron is hot, i.e. manipulate you when you are most vulnerable. Whether you are the insurance company’s own customer or an outside claimant, the adjuster is not your friend. 

They don’t want you to hire a lawyer

The insurance adjuster will surely approach you before you get a lawyer or even think about hiring one. Most personal injury claimants are unaware of the state’s law and their legal rights; insurers are betting on gaining an advantage from your lack of knowledge. The insurance agent may sound like he/she is sympathetic to your cause, when in fact the firm’s only objective is to make money out of your misery. 

Insurance adjusters attempt to acquire maximum funds from their customer and minimize payouts as much as possible. They will tell you that their settlement offer is overly generous and convince you that hiring a lawyer is futile; the typical argument is that a personal injury attorney will simply take a portion of the amount they are already offering, resulting in ultimate loss. In reality, the victim can gain between 2 to 5 times the initial settlement offer with a lawyer involved; and that is exactly what the insurer fears. 

Recording conversations is a Trap

The personal injury victim is essentially defenseless without a lawyer. The insurance agent may exploit the weakness to throw you off your game. They may rephrase simple questions in a way that encourages a negative or uncertain answer. Whether you are talking to the adjuster in person or on a phone call, never agree to the conversation being recorded. The most innocent statements on your behalf could be twisted to implicate you. The optimum strategy is to say nothing at all and let your lawyer do the talking for you. 

Requesting signatures is an excuse

Never sign a document provided by the insurance adjuster, even if they tell you that it is a mandatory requirement for your claim. This is their way to gain your consent for extracting confidential information about you. For instance, if you sign a medical release form, the insurance company will get access to your complete medical history; the information they obtain could hurt your claim. A personal injury lawyer will protect you from all these tricks and deceit.