Important Things To Know About Car Accidents

Car accidents are no fun for anyone. Usually, they range from minor scrapes and fender benders to multiple car pileups. Even though they’re called “accidents,” sometimes, a person’s negligence or bad driving is to blame. They’re also relatively common. If you’re looking for a car accident lawyer in Mineola, consider contacting Tannebaum, Bellantone, & Silver today!

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Minor Car Accidents

Minor car accidents are typically the result of negligence. For instance, someone might rear-end your car when they are checking their phone. Likewise, someone could scrape your car while carelessly maneuvering into a parking spot. Remember that even though these accidents may seem minor, it’s still a good idea to file an official police report. A report is virtually necessary during an accident because it is an official report by the police; real documentation of the accident now exists. Usually, the person at fault’s insurance will cover the cost of repairing your car. 

Major Car Accidents

Major car accidents are typically those accidents that make you turn your head on the freeway and say, “wow.” Oftentimes, victims and the perpetrator themself can suffer a laundry list of contusions and broken bones. These injuries might even be severe enough to be deadly. While minor car accidents can certainly be the result of DUI, major car accidents are also commonly caused by DUI. While no two accidents are exactly the same, some or all cars are usually totaled, being rendered inoperable and unsalvageable. If you suffer injuries, someone you know has died, or your car has sustained comprehensive damage because of a car accident, consider Tannebaum, Bellantone, & Silver as a car accident lawyer in Mineola today!

It is important to understand that the accident’s severity mainly breaks these down. DUI could only cause a minor accident or none at all. Texting while driving could cause a massive, deadly pileup or nothing at all. A great number of distracted or impaired drivers are just simply not caught. However, the fact that we know about both means that the problem is pervasive enough to influence society’s opinion on it. So, let’s say you were just rear-ended; what should you do?

Steps After An Accident

  1. Immediately dial the police – The police serve as an authority to verify the happening of the accident, as well as share information. Honesty is usually paramount at this stage because lying to the police under these circumstances often results in a misdemeanor. Also, insurance companies will often use the police report to verify what happened and the other person’s insurance company. 

Also, if the other person does not have car insurance (illegal in New York), the police will be able to charge the person and impound the vehicle. It is preferable to have the police present to prevent untruthfulness and verify this information. 

  1. Exchange contact information – Assure the police have verified the other’s contact information, then exchange contact information. This might prove helpful in the future. Usually, insurance companies will sort out payments regardless. If the accident is major and the result of something like a DUI, this might prove unnecessary.

Car Accident Lawyer In Mineola

While car accidents can be sudden and scary for anyone, you’re not alone. If you need a car accident lawyer in Mineola, contact Tannebaum, Bellantone, & Silver today for a consultation!