Hit and Run Injury Cases

Not only is fleeing the scene during a hit-and-run morally wrong but also illegal. Due to recent statistics, hit and run cases per year have dramatically increased in the past five years. Unfortunately, in these accidents, injuries can be quite common. Hit and run injuries can be as minor as a simple whiplash or as severe as broken bones or brain trauma. Even though fleeing the scene of an accident like this is illegal, it still happens often. If you or a loved one has been in an accident and looking for a personal injury lawyer in Lake Success, NY, then Tannenbaum, Bellantone, & Silver, P.C. is here to help. We offer free consultations and sophisticated and experienced advice with a service-oriented approach to our clients’ matters.


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Many types of injuries can happen to the victims of a hit-and-run type of accident. Some common injuries that occur include brain trauma, loss of limbs (usually only in extreme cases), burns, neck damage (such as whiplash), internal bleeding, and/or broken bones. As you can see, some of these injuries can be quite serious and can even leave the victim dealing with their injuries for the rest of their lives. 

Why Do Hit and Runs Happen?

To better understand why incidents like these happen, first, you must understand why someone would flee the scene. A hit and run will never be seen as an excusable offense; under the court of law, it will always be illegal. 

Some of the reasons that a driver may flee the scene of the crime include: being under the influence, not having a valid license or insurance, or even being in legal trouble, which they are trying to avoid. 

Knowing why the driver may flee the scene may help better prepare you in the event that it does happen to you. Although you may be an exceptional driver, there are instances where it is unavoidable by all the actions that we take to prevent such an event. It is crucial to understand the circumstances and the next steps that should be taken. 

What Are My Options?

The sad reality of being the victim of a hit and run is that the victim is often just left there in the suffering of their injuries. Personal injury lawyer Lake Success NY is here to prepare you for the steps to take in an event such as this one. 

The first step is taking care of yourself; your health comes first. Seek medical attention if it is needed. Next is to file a police report; this is important so that the authorities are aware of the situation and can even locate the offender. Next is to take clear pictures of the accident scene, making the next steps much easier. It is important to gather contact information from witnesses and all parties involved if possible. 

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