What Are the Forms of Personal Injury?

A personal injury case can be filed when an injury causes harm to you or a loved one physically, mentally, or emotionally. The injury can be due to negligence, reckless or intentional misconduct. You may have had to face medical bills, pain, and suffering. These times can be incredibly stressful, as you have a limited statute of limitations to make your case. Thankfully, our Personal Injury Lawyer on Long Island can help you navigate this process. 

If you’ve been harmed and are looking for a personal injury lawyer on Long Island, Tannenbaum, Bellantone, & Silver, P.C. can help you. We limit our practice to representing injured or sick clients in personal injury, medical malpractice, nursing home, construction accident, military malpractice, automobile accidents, and premise liability litigation. We have a long track record of successful cases and work with expert doctors and other industry professionals to bring the maximum effort to your case. 

If a case is won, the cost of medical treatment is almost always included in a settlement. You may be entitled to income lost and income you would have made if not for the injury. Property loss may be reimbursed as well. You can also be compensated for pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment, and loss of consortium that the accident has caused. This varies from case to case and can be influenced by your involvement in court. To better help identify your problem, we can go over the common forms of personal injury.

Car Accident

The most common form of personal injury cases is car accidents. On average, 2.2 million people are injured in motor vehicle accidents, and 33,000 are killed, usually because of negligence or reckless driving. If you were not the one at fault, the driver could usually be held responsible, and you can be entitled to financial compensation. We will protect your rights and see to this. 

Slip and Falls

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Slip and fall injuries are another extremely common form of personal injury. If you feel like a property owner has not kept the property safe and hazard-free, and you were injured due to this, you might be entitled to compensation. If your injury was due to provable negligence, you could win this case.

Construction Accidents

Construction accidents, a construction site can be a hub for negligence, unfair conditions, and is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. Many construction workers are injured so badly they have to leave the workplace, and you will be entitled to substantial compensation. 

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is when a doctor or health professional’s treatment falls below the standard, and you are injured. This can range from misdiagnosis, treatment, errors during surgery, medication, birth mistakes, to much more. An experienced attorney is crucial in cases like these, as complex laws concerning medicine govern these cases. Aggressive pursuit of legal action is essential. 

Defective Products

Defective products, when a product you purchased malfunctions, causing personal injury. This can range from vehicles, medication, food all the way to phones. A good example is the phone explosion debacle from 2017. This is often an uphill battle as companies will have to shell out a lot of money and often try to blame the incident on you, the victim.


Defamation is also known as slander and libel. Slander is spoken, and libel is written. This is when untrue statements cause damage to your reputation. Assuming you’re not a celebrity, you just have to prove that financial loss came from false information to win a settlement. In bigger cases involving public figures, malicious intent needs to be confirmed. The statement has to have been made with the intention to harm or disregard the truth. 

Intentional Acts

Whether it be assault, battery, or another person has brought you deliberate harm; it can create a criminal case. Not only will the attacker face criminal charges, but you will be entitled to personal injury compensation as well.

Personal Injury Lawyer on Long Island

These are the most common causes of personal injury, and we are experienced with all of them. Every personal injury case is different, but they all have the same basis. The defendant has injured or harmed the plaintiff in a way, and the plaintiff has determined the defendant has breached some type of legal duty. 

After this, settlement talk follows. Professional help is necessary at times like this to ensure you get what you are entitled to. Thankfully, we can provide the most value for your time and money to ensure you are compensated. We limit our practice to those seriously injured to help those who are in need. For a personal injury lawyer on Long Island, give Tannenbaum, Bellantone, & Silver, P.C. a call.