What is Defamation?

Did you know that making a false statement about someone can take you to court? Making up lies or spreading rumors about someone on social media or in-person can cause you serious problems. Therefore, it is important to think twice before speaking about someone or posting something about someone on social media. At Tannenbaum, Bellantone & Silver, P.C, our Personal injury lawyer Suffolk County can help you understand the facts surrounding a defamation case, the process that comes with it, and the laws that coincide with you. 

What is Defamation?

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Defamation is when someone makes a claim that damages the reputation of another person or party. An example of defamation is if you accused a restaurant of food poisoning just to damage the restaurant’s image, but that statement is false. Defamation is not considered a crime but a “tort,” which means that you can’t go to jail in most cases. However, with the help of a Personal injury lawyer Suffolk County, you can be sued, and you will have to pay money to the person who sued you. 

Types of Defamation:

The following are the two types of defamation, and the difference between both is the way they are conveyed:

  • Slander: a type of defamation that is spoken out loud. Some examples include saying someone cheated on their partner but they didn’t, or someone committed fraud, and they didn’t.
  • Libel: a type of defamation that is expressed through writing, pictures, or signs. It can be printed or digitally. Some examples include false comments or posts on social media, fake online reviews, and fake news articles or media publications.

Requirements of Defamation: 

As mentioned before, making a false statement against someone is serious, and it can take you to court. A plaintiff and a Personal injury lawyer Suffolk County can sue someone for defamation. However, they must prove the following to win a defamation case:

  • A false statement was made about the plaintiff
  • The statement was either said or published by a third person
  • There was malicious intent or negligence when the statement was made
  • The plaintiff incurred damages or harm as a result of the statement

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