Construction Accident Lawyers in NY

Construction Accident Lawyers in NY

Tannenbaum, Bellantone & Silver P.C. is a law firm that limits its practice to the representation of injured and sick clients in personal injury, medical malpractice, nursing home, construction accident, military malpractice, automobile accidents, and premise liability litigation. Our firm is trial counsel to many well-known and respected firms throughout the metropolitan area. We have a long and successful track record in our areas of practice. If you need construction accident lawyers in NY contact our team today.


We work with recognized doctors, certified industrial hygienists, pharmacologists, physical therapists, economists, vocational specialists, life care planners, accident reconstructionists, and other experts to maximize the value of your case.


To better serve the needs of our clients and to assure proper attention to every case, we limit our practice to the representation of seriously injured people. If you are unable to meet with us at our offices, we will be pleased to meet with you at a convenient location. Please feel free to contact us to obtain an evaluation of your case. One of our Long Island construction attorneys will promptly respond to your inquiry.



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Construction Accident Experts

Construction jobs are in progress all the time, from remodeling and growing properties to working on public streets and services. While this is a pretty common occupation, it requires extraordinary safety measures to be taken. Construction sites are required to uphold safety measures to help caution the use of heavy machinery and the use of large or intrusive structures.


When an accident on a site occurs, it can lead to many complications and injuries that follow suit. These injuries can have a severe impact on the victim’s life. If you or a loved one has fallen victim to a construction action and are looking to take legal action, let our firm assist you!

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What types of accidents can occur?

Accidents on construction sites typically occur due to the site’s failure to comply with safety standards and guidelines. This can include improper use of equipment or an unsafe work environment. Common accidents that may lead you to take legal action can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Crane Accidents.
  • Falls From Height.
    • This can include scaffolding, ladder, roofing, or other height accidents.
  • Slip and Fall Accident.
  • Stress Injuries.
  • Gas Leaks.
  • Fires.
  • Explosions.
  • Forklift Accidents.
  • Elevator Shaft Accident.
  • Trench Accidents.
  • Machinery Accidents.
  • Electrocution.
  • Exposure to Chemicals or Toxins.
  • Stuck-by Accidents.
  • Caught-in Accidents.


We understand that when you or a loved one gets seriously injured at a construction site due to the negligence of co-workers or others, it can be a large problem for your family to deal with. From medical bills, loss of work, and impact on your personal lives, these injuries can be debilitating. That is why Tannenbaum, Bellantone & Silver, P.C., are determined to help your family through this complicated situation.


We will work for you and your family to get the financial help and gain you are entitled to and need. We will work for you to secure financial security while you are dealing with the injury, and even to help your family through the future. Reach out to us on our website, or call 519-354- 0200 to speak with us and see how we can help your family.

What Does A Construction Attorneys Do?

Construction attorneys work with clients and cases that deal with the process of construction. Like many other kinds of attorneys, they can represent large companies, property owners, individual workers, and small businesses as long as they have a stake in construction. They handle a wide variety of issues but some of the more common reasons to need a construction attorney are workmanship issues and payment disputes. If you need construction accident lawyers in NY you should get in contact with us today.


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When dealing with issues concerning construction work it is often required to have a construction attorney. While everyone has the right to represent themselves, most construction companies are not sole proprietorships and thus will require representation in law cases. In this sense, it is necessary to have a construction attorney if ever going to court. Even in individual cases or with a sole proprietorship company it is still recommended to have legal representation rather than trying to represent yourself.


This is especially true for areas such as construction where having a specialist attorney can be extremely beneficial. There are many nuances and hyper-specific legal issues that come into play when dealing with construction sites and workers so having a construction attorney can save you time and potential legal backlash. It is also important to understand that they are not real estate lawyers which means that they do not deal with home/building closings or buying. They also do not get involved with any business components relating to the property on which the construction site is taking place.

A construction attorney does not only deal with issues after they happen, but they can also help prevent potential legal issues. Construction contracts can often contain tricky clauses and create more liability or unfair dispute resolution terms. They also deal with insurance issues and disputes with contractors during the time a project is being worked on. Other circumstances where a construction lawyer would be beneficial are:

  • When you are your construction company are being sued
  • When you need to take legal action against another party
  • When you or your company are under threat of a lawsuit
  • When payments are not coming in
  • Injury on the job
  • Claims of defective construction
  • Terminating a contract


Construction Accident Lawyers In NY

When dealing with any legal issues in the construction, a construction attorney will likely be wanted if not needed. If you or your company are operating in New York and need legal assistance then try calling Tannenbaum, Bellantone, & Silver, P.C. Our construction accident lawyers in NY have the experience you need to be sure you’ll receive the justice you deserve.

Can I sue after a construction accident?

One of the most dangerous industries is construction naturally. Many things can go wrong at any time during this type of labor. The workers can get injured, but so can by-standers. There were 195,000 construction-related injuries in the year 2019. Construction is the largest job. The lawyers at Tannenbaum, Bellatone, & Silver P.C. can provide the legal representation you need to receive the justice you deserve.


 There are safety protocols and standards that every construction worker or employer needs to follow created by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). However, those who do not follow these rules need to be held responsible. This is where a construction attorney can be useful or necessary. If you were injured while working on a construction site or if you were a bystander that got hurt, you may be entitled to compensation. Construction accident lawyers in NY will be able to help their clients sue the respective party for their injuries.

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 There are a variety of accidents that may happen on a construction site. The OSHA had named the four major types of injuries that result in 60% of death among in construction workers. Falls, electrocutions, and being struck by an object being r caught in between objects are considered the “fatal four” accidents that result in wrongful death for construction workers. Not all accidents are fatal, however, most work-related injuries can be recovered from. Victims of a construction-related incident may be entitled to financial compensation for the injury. There are a few ways the injured worker or bystander can receive compensation.


What Are Options for Injured Workers?

Each state has a workers’ compensation structured to help those who get injured on the job. The employee is entitled to help financially even if it was a “no-fault” accident. The injured worker, however, is unable to recover more when receiving worker’s compensation than when in a lawsuit. Workers’ compensation is constructed to benefit both parties and compromise between the employer and employee.


Personal Injury Lawsuit

If the injured victim has decided to sue, the victim may want to meet with a construction attorney. Each state law is different, however, most of the time the worker’s compensation rules will be taken into consideration when an employee sues their direct employer. If the injured worker chooses to sue the manufacturers of inadequate equipment used during the injury, the rules of workers’ compensation will not apply. A case like this may result in higher compensation for the victim.


Non-Worker Injuries

Bystanders can be hurt on or near construction sites. There may be loose items falling from a site above a pedestrian and some roadway construction can cause car accidents. Also, unmarked construction sites can have people walking in unknowingly and become injured easily. Contractors must ensure at the very least let the public be aware of construction sites and conditions if they are dangerous. Some contractors must make the construction site safe for other people to get by safely.
The bare minimum a contractor must do is follow and take all the safety precautions. If they do not, it may have grounds for a lawsuit. According to some state laws, contractors who fail to take the proper precautions will be responsible for any injury that happens because of that failure. In some other state laws, the injured person or worker must have evidence that the contractor should be considered liable.

Another type of lawsuit that can cause injury is that after construction has been finished, someone who worked on the building may have not secured a heavy object correctly causing it to injure someone. An example of an architect failure is if they do not design a guard rail on a balcony that can stop a person from falling off.

Finding who is responsible for a case like this whether it be a failure from the contractor or if the engineers or architects designed the project poorly can lead to a lawsuit that a construction attorney may help with.



In most of cases, besides workers’ compensation cases, the injured party may be entitled to the following compensation:

  • lost wages (as a result of missed work due to the injuries)
  • medical bills
  • pain and suffering (the value, expressed in monetary form, of having to deal with the pain and discomfort caused by the injuries), and
  • loss of normal life (the difference in value, expressed in monetary form, the of the person’s quality of life after the injury, compared to the person’s quality of life before the injury).


Construction Accident Lawyers in NY

If you or a loved one would like to know more about the possible outcomes of an injury lawsuit, contact Tannenbaum, Bellantone, & Silver P.C. for more information about construction accident lawyers in NY.

How Do I Deal With a Bad Contractor?

There are times when you and your contractor will not see eye to eye. Either your contractor is unfit for the job, doing a poor job in upkeep, or perhaps they are not working on your property consistently. Have you ever felt this way and did not know the proper way to handle this situation? If you need legal advice from a construction accident lawyers in NY you should contact Tannenbaum, Bellantone, & Silver, P.C. Here are ways to deal with a bad contractor:


Fire them

Remodeling your home can be stressful, to say the least. If your contractor is not doing quality work, it certainly adds to your stress. To re-do untidy work, it may cost extra. Poor quality work will need to be redone thus, you should not have to dig yourself into a deeper hole.

However, before firing them, you must compile all evidence as reasons for termination. Carefully analyze any termination clauses and if they demand any payment, and if any, determine how much money is owed.


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Filing a complaint is an effective way to make the information public if your contractor has received enough complaints.

Several websites allow a customer to post information about their experiences publicly. Perhaps you will not get your money back, but this will save future owners and investors the experience of dealing with a bad contractor.

When filing a claim, if the contractor is bonded this is a way to protect a client from low-quality work. You now have the option to contact their insurance agent to file a bond claim therefore, you are compensated for your losses.


Hire an attorney

Knowing the complexities of state statutes and locating flaws within a contract is extremely helpful. If there is no room for mediation or the damages are higher than the state limit, hiring a construction attorney will guide you through the process. This is mainly a last resort option because it is expensive and time-consuming. Suing a contractor also gives them the opportunity for a countersuit.


 Construction Accident Lawyers in NY

Tannenbaum, Bellantone, & Silver P.C. is a law firm that specializes in a wide range of legal matters from medical malpractice to construction incidents. We are located in New Hyde Park, New York. Feel free to give us a call at (516) 354-0200. For more information, be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn. Contact our construction accident lawyers in Suffolk County NY so you can receive the justice and representation you deserve.

Finding The Best Long Island Construction Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been involved in an accident at a construction site, you’ve probably figured out how expensive costs are, such as medical and other finance can be. Suffering from an injury that could put you out of work permanently can be extremely stressful. It is recommended that you seek out a construction accident attorney to recover damages from the accident. If you have recently been in a construction site accident and need to find a construction accident lawyer in NY, then look no further than our team at Tannenbaum, Bellatone & Silver, P.C. can assist you. We’ll help you file your lawsuit claim and provide sophisticated service-oriented legal expertise.


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Most of the time, construction accident claims are a result of carelessness. Serious injuries can happen in:

  • Falls– Owners or general contractors are responsible for the safety of workers who work in high elevation. They are accountable for implementing guardrails or other protective measures to prevent serious injuries or deaths.
  • Falling objects- Falling debris, cranes, tools and equipment, scaffolding, ladders, and other falling materials can seriously injury construction site workers.
  • Dangerous or defective equipment- Poor design or manufacturing tools and equipment can cause severe injuries if they malfunction.
  • Failure to train or monitor workers- Often, owners or contractors will hire workers without properly training them to operate machinery or specific tasks, or inability to control their workers to ensure they aren’t performing dangerous activities.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents-Vehicles come in and out of construction sites, so pathways should always be cleared.



To Hire A Construction Accident Lawyer?

If you’ve been injured on a construction site, it is best to contact a construction accident lawyer in NY, immediately to receive the fairest compensation. After an injury, you may have to cover expenses such as medical and lost wages so it is best to contact a lawyer within a few weeks after the accident. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to prove your case.


When you hire an experienced construction accident lawyer in NY, they can help you understand your case and recover losses. They can also reduce the amount of stress and hassle associated with insurance and legal injury claims. Lastly, it is important to never sign a settlement from a representative of your employer or insurance without first consulting with an attorney. It may not be in your best interest because there may be more losses that need to be accounted for.