The Process of Car Accidents

Involvement in an accident and especially a car accident, can leave one stressed, depressed, and traumatized. All you want to do is fast forward to healing and going on with life. A car accident lawsuit follows a timeline of steps, but each step can vary in length. Some can take a few months, and some even up to a few years. It can get very hectic along the way. Let us at Tannenbaum, Bellantone & Silver P.C.  helps you through the process. We have the best car accident lawyer in Valley Stream, NY. Contact us today!

The Car Accident Lawsuit Process 

In general, most car accident cases settle and do not result in a litigation process. But, when there is a dispute as to who was at fault, the extent of a person’s injury damages, then it can result in a lawsuit. As we know, not one case is the same, so each litigation process varies in the number of factors and length. The following is a general rule of thumb for a litigation process:

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  • Step 1: A complaint is filed by the plaintiff, and the lawsuit officially begins.
  • Step 2: The defendant is served a copy of the complaint by the plaintiff. This process typically takes about a few weeks but sometimes goes on for months, being that it’s difficult to track down the defendant. 
  • Step 3: The complaint is answered by the defendant, and depending on the particular court, the defendant will have about one month to answer the plaintiff’s complaint.
  • Step 4. Each side now will request and exchange information for the trial. This is when Discovery takes place and ends up taking a few months to complete but sometimes can take up to a year or more to complete. 
  • Step 5: The trial occurs and usually takes about a day or two to complete.
  • Step 6: This phase includes the motion for a potential appeal. If one of or more parties is unsatisfied with the result, they can file for an appeal. This process could add several years to the length of the case. 

This is a general overview, and there are still many phases left out that each case varies. From start to end, a car accident litigation will and can take up to one year or more to complete. That is assuming everything goes as planned and there is an appeal or altercation in between. Also, keep in mind a lot of the time, the case gets settled before the trial and complete the process there instead of dragging it on and on.

When does a case settle?

A case can settle right after the plaintiff files for complaint or t cam settle after a trial finishes or even in between. It all depends on the parties and the eagerness to settle. 

Why do some cases drag on?

Some cases drag on due to money, which would make it simpler for completion. But, oftentimes, there is the need to fight for the principle of things and to get justice. Other times, the losing party wants to make it difficult for the other party and drag it out as long as possible. It all depends on the case and the parties involved. 

How can Car Accident Lawyer in Valley Stream, NY Help?

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